one night in hilton

friends, this is your very own shenanigans here. at last, i hear you cry.. yes, i am posting for the first time on these magic cauldron wordpress pages that the ever glorious mittins has engineered for us.. this is indeed an exciting event, and i hope to keep the standard as high as the old mitton has set.

however, i am forced to keep it relatively brief today, because time is proving precious.. for i have a thrilling evening in store for me, at the hilton hotel, no less, on the glitzy auckland waterfront.

along with a select few colleagues, i will be propping up the hiltons’ swish, ultra modern and allegedly sophisticated bellini bar, swilling the finest pink gin and stuffing the old pie hole with fresh lobsters, fricasseed in a pate de fois gras. perhaps.


hilton auckland

the hilton hotel, princess wharf, auckland


as regular listeners of our show on fleet fm are no doubt well aware, your one shenanigans is no sailor. however, despite my nautical shortcomings, i managed to secure a second place in the TV Factorys’ annual regatta, last week. with said work-friends. we were a veritable crew. actually, if truth be told, i am a landlubber through and through and not much use on the open seas; i went ‘below decks’ when the heavens opened. anyway, to cut a long story short, at the prizegiving a $250 hilton voucher was gifted to the team for our admirable efforts. the very voucher which will be put to good use this evening.

so you will forgive me, please, as i dash.. for i need to shower and shave and source a suitably sparkling shirt, on the off chance that the young paris will be serving the drinks. rest assured, dear reader, that if i do spot the haughty heiress, you will be the first to know.


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One response to “one night in hilton

  1. mittins

    oh shenansy ! how wonderful you have finally gotten off your bottom to write on this lovely page. you have outdone yourself. here’s to you, old rabbit.

    now, listen. the hilton hotel is a place i visited once upon a time. and there are some important things i should have told you before you went on this trip.

    1. be carful of the elevators, once you step inside of them they take you to other floors and you will get lost.

    2. all the drinks are fancy. even the watar has a cucumber in it, or some fancy leaves. you can eat them and not die.

    8. you are not allowed to put your feet on the leather and you will be told off and sometimes even asked to leave.

    4. you are not allowed to play on anything, nothing is for playing on, and nothing is for colouring in.

    12. if you get asked to leave and you start crying and curl up into a tiny ball and roll around on the floor you will get picked up by two large men and carried outside and put into a taxi that you will have to pay for !

    good luck at the hilton shenanigans.