two do


Here at the Magic Cauldron, Shenanigans & Mittins have decided to expand. Like some friendly underpants in the winter.

We are going to start posting interviews with people that we like, from all over the land !

It is now our job to find some people that we like. And that will want to talk to us.

I think I’m going to start by approaching Wing to see if she will talk to me. I have always enjoyed watching and listening to Wing, and I think she is a strong lady. The fact is, she reminds me of myself when I pretend to be her.

I am also hoping that we get to interview some overseas artists. But I will cast a spell and see what happens. The overseas people are very important people, and have accents and the imperial system to worry about. They may not see the value in speaking to Shenanigans or myself. Or Shenanigans.

Mitties x


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